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I went to a talk this morning with the amazing Andrea Edwards, The Digital Conversationalist Her talk inspired me to write our first real blog for our new business.  People have been asking about our background and where the name Red Brush Art came from. So here is some of the story of our journey to Red Brush Art. I'm sure as you follow our continuing journey, you will find out a lot more about us, our artwork and our lives.

Red Brush Art Oil Painting Old Woman Island Mudjimba Queensland Australia

Old Woman Island, Mudjimba Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia | Acrylic on Canvas

Have you ever been in the situation where you need to leave your work, family and friends and follow your husband to another country for his work?

Lyn found herself in just that situation, when on January 1 2010, Lyn, Glenn and Ryan, their youngest son, left their older children Cameron and Lauren in their home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia, with Lyn's parents, to return to Singapore where they had previously lived as a family for 6 years.

Red Brush Art Singapore Scenes Drawing Map of Singapore

Map of Singapore | Pen Sketch

It had been a very busy few years before this move for Lyn. Lyn had left her career as an Early Childhood teacher at one of the Private Schools on the Coast and set up her own photography business.During this time her parents health declined so she also took on a caregiver role. When they moved to Singapore Lyn decided she would take a break from working for a while and concentrate her time with Ryan as he finished school, while enjoying the wonderful experiences living abroad can present.

During their time in Singapore, Glenn began painting again, something he had done for many years previously, but with his heavy travel schedule from Australia he had found it difficult to find time to continue his passion.

Red Brush Art Secret Life of Elephants Sharks Garden Painting

Sharks Garden (from 'The Secret Life of Elephants' eBook) | Acrylic on Canvas Paper | Print | eBook

In 2012 Glenn entered some paintings into the first Kate Porter Yoga Art Festival and his work was well received. This encouraged Glenn to continue painting and explore and develop his skills and styles. In 2015 Lyn and Glenn set up Glenn Russell Creations.  Due to changes in regulations, at the end of 2016 the business needed to be restructured, and Red Brush Art was born.

It was difficult coming up with a new business name.Lyn and Glenn wanted a name that could tie in with where they come from (Australia) and where they are now living (Singapore).Red is a colour of significance to both places.Australia and Singapore both have red on their flags.Australia has the 'Red Centre' and the red colour of the Australian Outback is something Australians love. Red is very significant in Chinese cultures and Singapore is also known as the 'Little Red Dot'. So red seemed very appropriate. Once they came up with the 'Red' as the common tie, the rest was much easier. Being an art business the 'Brush Art' seemed to flow. Red Brush Art was born.

Red Brush Art Painting UluruKata Tjuta National Park Northern Territory Australia

Uluru | Acrylic on Canvas Paper

Glenn is the very talented artist providing all the original artwork for Red Brush Art.Lyn is the driving force behind the business and creator of the photographic prints available from Red Brush Art.

Red Brush Art creates a variety of original artwork in a variety of media and themes and is suitable for any age group.

There have been many inspirations for Glenn as he creates his masterpieces.Initially, back in the 80's it was for Lyn for her Early Childhood classes she taught.Then in the 90's, it was folk art decoration (inspired by the beautiful flowers found in the Blue Mountains and other areas in Australia) for handmade wooden objects including door stops, stools, wall plaques and clocks that Lyn's father turned on his lathe.

Mars Attacks (from 'Tigers Dream Too' eBook) | Print | eBook

Their three children, Cameron, Lauren and Ryan were the inspiration for Glenn's early paintings and picture books, after an imaginary friend, Tiga, jumped on top of their car one day as they were driving down Old Holland Road in Singapore, through what was still jungle in the mid 90's.Tiga then went on many adventures with them and was the inspiration for Glenn's first picture book.

From there Glenn loved exploring new styles and designs.He draws a lot of his inspiration from his surroundings.Australia, Singapore, and other countries Glenn visits on his travels for work, provide many beautiful subjects and inspirations that Glenn creates in paint (oil, acrylic and watercolour), pen and pencil.

Red Brush Art Drawing Goldfish Koi

Red Brush Art has recently expanded their product range to include a variety of print, stationery and gift products. Glenn is also available for Pet Portrait Commissions. Their full range is available from the shop.

Red Brush Art Pet Portrait Bulldog Drawing

If you would like your special art piece created, Red Brush Art is always happy to discuss your ideas and for Glenn to create them on Commission.Please contact them to discuss any ideas you have.

Lyn and Glenn love your feedback, so please share with them your ideas for new products and your impressions of their art and new website.

Please also use the links at the bottom of the page to 'Like' Red Brush Art on Facebook and 'Follow' them on Instagram and Twitter.Red Brush Art would also love you to share their Facebook page and Instagram feeds with your friends.