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Logos artwork is a recreation of your existing logo in a unique mosaic art form. We typically create these on sandstone or fibreboard depending on where you plan to use them.

There are suitable options for indoor and outdoor uses. The smaller sizes are also suitable for something which you will need to move or transport regularly, such as for markets, events, etc.

We will contact you before we commence work on the artwork to clarify the depiction and design choices. If you can't fit the information or photos into our form above, please email us.

See deposit information for this product.

If you are looking to combine this project with a new logo or changes to your existing one, we may also be able to help you in partnership with Ficabo, a local digital agency. Let us know about your project and we can liaise with a designer on your behalf.

Product Information

Ceramic and glass tiles are used to create a mosaic of your logo with options suitable for outdoor and indoor. We create the mosaics on sandstone pieces or on a cement fibreboard.

The mosaics are hand created after your order is placed for your chosen material and size. It takes approximately 3 weeks to complete. You will be notified when your mosaic is ready to collect. If your purchase is urgent, please contact us and we may be able to accommodate your request.

We like to include special features and details into the artwork which represents your business and organisation, so let us know if you would like to include anything and we will discuss with you.

After your order is placed and before we commence work, we will contact you to discuss and confirm the design and size requirements. 

Size Information

Our standard sizes are below. 

I can also work with your size requirements or your supplied material if you have sized and sourced the perfect piece.

Sandstone sizes are approximate as we typically use natural sandstone pieces.
Large - 100cm x 50cm
Medium - 60cm x 75cm
Small - 50cm x 50cm

Cement Fibreboard
The cement fibreboard is a great standard material for both indoor and outdoor use.
Large - 90cm x 90cm
Medium - 60cm x 76cm
Small - 45cm x 45cm

Shipping Information

Due to the nature of these items, we do not currently offer shipping as standard - they can be collected from / we can deliver to the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

If you would like shipping, please contact us for a separate quote to see what can be done.

Deposit Information

We support deposits rather than full payment for our custom designed artwork. Choose 'Deferred Payment (for deposits only)' when checking out.

The amount we require to get started on your item is a 50% deposit. If you wish to pay in full now, choose from either Credit Card or Bank Transfer.