Colouring Book - Yoga Kids - Dinosaurs
Colouring Book - Yoga Kids - Dinosaurs
Colouring Book - Yoga Kids - Dinosaurs
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Colouring Book,
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This Yoga Kids Colouring Book features 12 animals and dinosaur scenes and objects that can be explored in a kids yoga class. Create a wonderful story around dinosaurs and use these colouring pages to reinforce the yoga principles worked on in class. You might also create a term of yoga classes using this theme and build on it each week, adding in a new picture each week. There are so many uses.

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You may wonder what colouring has to do with a yoga practice that is supposed to be all about stretching and moving your body, breathing and relaxation. Did you know that colouring is actually a yogic practice too?

There are many colouring designs available that can be used including yoga poses, animals or objects related to yoga poses, or mandalas, with or without affirmations. Colouring is a form of meditation as it is a practice that helps to focus and quiet the mind. Colouring is not only for children. The benefits of colouring can be just as great for adolescents, adults and kids alike.

The benefits of this practice of mindful colouring include:

  • increasing focus and attention, when colouring, the mind is focused and attention is used to colour within small spaces
  • encouraging the yoga practice of mindfulness and developing the ability to focus on the present moment
  • developing creativity and imagination, no two colourings will turn out the same providing time and space to calm the body and mind, a great tool to learn at any age developing social skills, by allowing an opportunity to chat together while enjoying an experience
  • reducing stress and anxiety, as it is a form of meditation

The colouring books can be used for any age, as the children will adapt themselves as to how detailed they want to colour. The books are perfect for kids yoga teachers, classroom teachers, parents and health practitioners for fun ways to reinforce yoga practices and ideas in classes, homes or therapy sessions. They can also be used by adults if desired.

Please respect the following terms:

You can:
Use the colouring books for personal use only.
Print the digital colouring books to use in your home, classroom, studio, or health practice.
Share your finished coloured pictures on social media as long as you link to us using our hashtags #redbrushart and #essentialwellnessandlifestyle.
Contact me directly for questions on multiple-use licenses.

You cannot:
Give the colouring books to anyone else.
Place the colouring books or any of its pages on the internet (even a personal, classroom or studio website)
Share the products in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act

We hope you enjoy creating and reinforcing your yoga practice using this book. Please share your completed and coloured pages on our social media pages. Enjoy!